Sammy’s new mark

Breakers Speedway has a new track record for local

Racer Sammy Jackson ran his GMC
Sierra truck in a time of 5.883s down the 1/8 mile track on Saturday.

Jackson set the
mark during a practice run at the facility during a regular solo run.

His time broke the old mark held by
West Bay motorcycle racer Dante Ross Hydes on
his Honda CBR 1000 bike.

In fact Jackson’s time was 200ths of a second behind
the top times at Breakers.

Jamaican driver Dean Shaw holds the
overall fastest time of 5.583s in his white track-prepped Chevy Camaro (he set
the time during last month’s international meet).

The second fastest time is 5.685s
by Floridian racer Frank Muniz in the yellow Toyota Supra.

Jackson’s new
record can only inspire local racers to try and reach the 5 second time frame,
especially ahead of the next international meet in May.

Breakers Speedway owner Robert Campbell explained how
the historic run happened.

“Basically he was just coming by on
Saturday to do a couple runs in his truck. He gave me a heads-up a little
before so I went ahead and prepped the track for him. I knew he was running
well and it was very impressive seeing him make his run and stopping the
vehicle at the 1000 foot marker.”