Top Ballet Company to perform

Magnificat, an America Christian ballet company, will perform three free shows
of its latest production The Scarlet Cord in Cayman later this month.

The Scarlet
Cord is dance drama of two missionaries’ living in the Soviet Union who are
unwilling to compromise their faith.  The
production is designed to illustrate God’s plan of redemption working in the most
unlikely places, woven through life like a scarlet cord. The evening will be
opened by local dancer Schwannah McCarthy. 

The performances
will be hosted at the Cayman Islands Baptist Church on Pedro Castle Road on the
26, 27 and 28 March from 7pm to 9.15pm. Seating is limited to 450 people and
doors open at 6pm.

  The troupe will also host workshops for
Cayman’s dancers as well as performing for local primary and high school

Ballet Magnificat! was founded by Kathy Thibodeaux in 1986 in
order to restore the arts restored to the church, and to present the Gospel to
the largest possible audience through dance. Ballet Magnificat! School of the
Arts was set up three years later.

 Today, both Ballet Magnificat
and Ballet Magnificat! School of the Arts feature an international ensemble of
professional dancers and teachers who share and seek to fulfil Ms Thibodeaux’s

Ballet Magnificat’s touring companies have present over 200
programmes worldwide. The company have appeared at the Kennedy Centre in Washington,
DC, and the Christian Music Artists Seminar in Estes Park.

 “I [saw] this group minister in 1992 and I was
awestruck.  I think that everyone who
sees this performance will thoroughly enjoy it and receive the message of hope
that it brings,” said Pastor Randy Von Kanel of Cayman Islands Baptist Church.

For more
information, call Cayman Islands Baptist Church on 946-2422 or visit