BA strike talks break down

Talks between British Airways and
the Unite union aimed at averting strike action by cabin crew have broken down
without agreement.

The TUC, which has been hosting the
discussions, said that no deal had been reached, and no further talks were

BA cabin crew voted for strike
action last month over cuts and changes to working conditions.

The Unite union said BA had
rejected plans they said would save the airline $94 million.

The BBC’s Maryam Moshiri says the
union proposals include a pay cut of 2.6 per cent this year and an offer for
some members to work part-time.

BA said these proposals would not
save the airline $94 million and “would require pay cuts for crew of
between $1,500 and $4,000 a year”.

BA said its own proposals would
save $93.6 million from “minor changes to onboard crew numbers and [would]
involve no reduction in earnings for existing crew”.

The collapse of talks means plans
for strikes could now be announced.

The union must give a week’s notice
of any stoppages, but it has already given assurances that members will not
walk out over Easter.

The earliest strikes
could begin is on 17 March