Letters to the Editor: Cayfest increases offerings with CD

I refer to an article that appeared
in your Friday, 5 March, 2010, edition under the title ‘NCF launches National
Folk Choir’.

Whilst we are grateful for the
coverage given, there was some inaccurate reporting that needs to be corrected:

In the section of the article that
referred to Aunt Julia Hydes and the upcoming release of the dual CD, your
reporter stated: “Her favourite tune ‘Conch na ga no Bone,’ is the first song
on the CD to be released. The CD of old time kitchen dance music is recorded by
Quincy Brown, Raymond Scot and Vernon Smith at VJ Backyard Studio, Cayman

The correct information that was
submitted to the reporter was as follows:

“As the festival continues to grow,
it has steadily increased its offerings and this year, even with financial
limitations, the public will see the exciting launch of the Cayman National
Folk Choir, and the launch of a double CD album of the music of renowned Fiddler
Radley Gourzong and “Aunt” Julia Hydes. “

The CD of old time kitchen dance
music to which your reporter referred was done by Quincy Brown, et al and
contained some of “aunt” Julia’s songs. This CD has been released and on the
market since mid 2009 and was not a project of The Cayman National Cultural

The Cayman National Cultural
Foundation will present the 16th annual Cayfest from 5 April to 1 May. The
festival seeks to foster and preserve creative expression in the Cayman Islands
through the promotion and celebration of the performing, visual and literary
arts, with special emphasis on youth activities.

Lorna Bush