Honouring yourself as a woman

March is women’s month in Cayman, and for you busy
ladies, this might be another opportunity to step back and re-evaluate your life
with a view to more balance.

Feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and stressed seems to
be part of our modern-day lifestyle, but does it really have to be that way?

The creation of a balanced life involves taking a
look at four key areas, as discussed amongst health and wellness gurus such as
internationally known Deepak Chopra, founder of The Chopra Center – Career/work;
relationships; exercise; and spiritual life.


While work and career are essential to life, how
much does it consume your life or create undue stress?  Are there ways that you can create more
balance in the career/work component?

This might include taking a lunch break and leaving
the workplace rather than eating lunch at your desk.  Setting daily goals and completing priority
tasks is another way to reduce work stress.



Balancing life in the relationships arena may
challenge you out of old patterns of always being the person to take on the
leadership role or the person to be responsible for planning. 

Maybe it’s time to say no to something that is not
in your comfort zone any longer, such as the sounding board for all your
friends’ problems. 



Exercise and movement are essential to good health
and well being.  Without it, we become
lethargic, overweight, sluggish and physically depleted.  This can only lead to negative thoughts and

Putting exercise as a low-priority in your busy life
is an error.  Lifestyles’ recommends you
develop a support system with your partner/family so that you are able to keep
physically fit. 

This may require asking your husband to leave the
office on time so that you can fulfill your exercise obligation to yourself.



Women need soul time for refreshment and rejuvenation,
keeping spiritually alive and balanced for the challenges that are sure to face
you in your day. 

Starting and ending your day quietly with prayer and
time alone is accessible and essential. 
Find a place of solitude and peace within you each day.  Be sure to get rest.

Life offers joyful opportunities and bliss, but if
we are too ragged, tired and overwhelmed, we miss the potential of our

Women, honouring and taking care of yourself is not
a selfish act, so let us rid ourselves of that old paradigm of thought.  As it says on the airplane each time we fly,
first put the oxygen mask over your own face before assisting the child next to

To take care of others, we must first take care of

 Donna Mitchell is a lifestyle consultant specialising in weight management
and self-help. Contact her at
[email protected].