Today’s Editorial for March 12: March madness

We are dumbfounded as to why Charles
Clifford cancelled his planned protest march simply because the People’s
Progressive Movement withdrew its support.

As far as we are aware, the only
thing required for a protest march is to show up and march.  It helps if you have some signs made, but
surely Mr. Clifford has the capability of making some signs for a cause in
which he believes so much.

Perhaps the reason why the PPM
didn’t continue to support Mr. Clifford’s march is because it didn’t agree with
his arguments with respect to the dangers of key employees.

We know we don’t.

In particular, we don’t agree with
Mr. Clifford’s contention the measure will lead to 9,000 people getting key
employee status and ultimately Caymanian Status. 

In addition to the fact that the
government denies Mr. Clifford’s quantification, it should be pointed out that
just because a person gets key employee designation doesn’t mean he or she will
get permanent residence.

Even if expatriates stay here long
enough and do what is necessary to qualify under the points system to get
permanent residence, they must remain here 15 years and then want to apply for
Caymanian Status.  Given the many
problems facing the society these days, some causing born-Caymanians to seek
greener pastures abroad, Mr. Clifford’s assertion requires a big assumption.

Another troubling point about Mr.
Clifford’s argument is that he suggests granting more key employee designations
will result in an increase in “various categories of crime”.

Although he doesn’t explain what he
means by that statement, we can only conclude that Mr. Clifford either believes
key employees will commit crimes once they are given that designation or that
educated Caymanians, blocked in their career paths, will take up a life of

We don’t believe either of those possibilities.

What we really think is, Mr.
Clifford is trying to scare people for political gain by making them believe
the country is going to be overrun by Status Caymanians and crime.

Given the current animosities
between Caymanians and expatriates and the anxieties because of increased
crime, we believe Mr. Clifford’s scaremongering is irresponsible and we applaud
the PPM for withdrawing its support.


  1. Why the title March madness, and why would this editor be dumbfounded by the cancelation of a planned protest.. I for one would have been dumbfounded if it continued after such a major about face had been made in the keeping of our government H.Q.. The mention of educated Caymanians possibly blocked in their career paths is serious enough; but if this paper believe that the former Minister was in error by wanting to march, why would they want him to march now. I for one don’t need a mud slinging press looking like a state ran newspaper..

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