Police take over DVL buildings

The Royal Cayman Islands Police
Service will be taking over two buildings in George Town which formerly housed Department
of Vehicle Licensing offices.

The vehicle licensing operation in George Town has been moved into its new location in Grand Harbour
as of 1 March.

Plans for the development of the
two former vehicle licensing buildings, one on Elgin Avenue next to the George Town
Police Station, and the other on Walkers
Road, are currently under way. However, police
have not released specific proposals as to what they plan to do with the

Speaking generally, Police
Commissioner David Baines said Tuesday that he would like to develop a central
area where residents can procure police reports, criminal background checks,
security company licences and any other police record services in a
one-stop-shop location.

“So (residents) can go in, out of
the rain, out of the sun and have a professional service,” Mr. Baines said.
“Anyone who has been to George Town Police Station for that criminal records
check and has stood for an hour in the sun will know that it’s not the best
place to be.”

Work permit holders who have lived
in the Cayman Islands for at least a year and
who are seeking a permit renewal have to use the RCIPS criminal records check
facility to obtain the proper documents.

Mr. Baines said police are also
concerned about the current set up at the entrance of the George Town Police

“When they go to the front desk
there’s a big open desk and there’s a big open room where there are people
waiting,” he said. “And often people want to discuss sensitive issues with us,
in privacy that we’ve previously not had.”

RCIPS is looking into whether
either of the now vacant vehicle licensing offices might provide private
interview rooms where statements could be taken.

Planning approval would be required
for certain retrofitting that would be required at the Elgin Avenue building
regardless of the use that it is put to by police. Mr. Baines said the RCIPS is
working through those issues now, and expects to make an announcement shortly.