Atlantic Star’s Haiti efforts

Atlantic Star Limited has donated
US$50,000 to the Rotary Disaster Fund for Haiti.

Representatives from the company said
they were particularly concerned about what was happening to the children in
Haiti following January’s devastated earthquake and had decided the company
could help in a unique way.

The company learned that the
schools in Haiti had lost all their furniture and made the decision to donate
lumber to rebuild schools desks and classroom furniture.

Atlantic Star Limited company
officials said they felt that the best approach was to provide the money to buy
the wood and fittings and have the furniture built in Haiti.

They maintain that this is the best
way to help the children and the local economy.

Combined, the Rotary Clubs of the
Cayman Islands have a standing disaster committee under the chairmanship of
Joey Hew.

As a result, the club says they can
ensure that the funds get to the impoverished and disaster-struck nation safely
and are used for the specified cause.

Atlantic Star Ltd. is one of the
leading property developers of luxury residential and commercial property.

They have been supportive of
various community initiatives in Cayman and the company says it considers
itself to be very much a part of the community in the Cayman Islands.  

Haiti was hit with a magnitude 7.0
earthquake on January 12. It killed an estimated 230,000 people and left 1.3 million homeless.