Rotary beautifies Barkers Beach

Several members of Rotary Central
and their families volunteered their time to clean up Barkers Beach in West Bay

They filled more than 15 garbage bags
with debris and rubbish they cleared from the area.

Young volunteer Luke Byles assisted
his father, Rotary President Paul Byles, who said, “Residents should take more
pride in protecting the natural beauty of our land.

“There is no need to cast your
waste on to public lands. We must learn to respect each other and the land as
previous generations have taught us.”


Young Luke Byles helps out with the beach cleanup.
Photo: Submitted


  1. It is very nice to see an interest in preserving the beaty of your island!!! We have been noticing on our last few visits the large amount of garbage all along the ocean edge. Please keep it up!!!

    Sincerely John Grout

  2. It’s wonderful to see everyone pitching in and helping to keep our island clean and beautiful. Unfortunately the majority of the refuse that washes up on Caymans shore doesn’t belong to us. On my walks along our northern coast I’ve found plastic bottles with Cuban companies printed on them and I’ve even found medical waste from Cuba as well. However the washing machine and the broken down car are not from a foriegn land and we need to put a stop to making this country one big trash heap. A BIG THANK YOU TO Mr Byles!!

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