Letters to the Editor: Crime wave everyone’s fault

Where is it all coming from, this
crime wave that is sweeping Cayman like back in the 1950s and 1960s in the USA?

Well it is coming out of the homes
of the people living on Grand Cayman. We might want to blame the people that
came here from other countries, but that is not so true. Yes, we have some of
them doing crime here too. But most of the crime is done by our own people.

When you do not have proper
education and you are looked down on and not given a chance to earn good money
after you leave school, you are cast into prison very young with hardened

 When you are in prison you become
hard and learn more about how to commit the different types of crime. Many
young men find a second family while in prison; sort of a place to belong with
real friends that listen to them and teach them about the hardcore way of the
gangs so that when they come out of prison they stick to the gang and become
part of the gang-type family.

They are not given much of a chance
to go back to school, even to learn a trade, for we have no trade schools for
them to go to.

They are not permitted to leave the
Island because of their prison record. They are not offered any nice jobs so
they maintain the prison type of life outside. And because they are sometimes
shunned by their families, they find the easy way to make money to live and
that is for them to run to crime, sell drugs, steal, rob and sometimes kill to
get it.

This problem of crime in the Cayman
Islands can only be really blamed on all of us Caymanians, especially the
Government, police, the courts and the schools. We are turning our young
children into criminals from school to prison. Example: A young man leaves
school, gets no job, and is told by the parents to get out. The first thing he
wants is money. With no job and a place needed to stay, he turns to his
friends. They might also be in the same position so they clan up and turn to
crime. After all, they have to eat. Instead of job, they end of up in the
courts that send them to prison from prison back to more crime for they have a
sense of hopelessness.

More and more into the life of
despair, they sink into the world of gang type life for the gang is the new
family that never judges them or makes them feel unwanted. Then we have more
and more crime.

The reason for them all to be in
this crime wave is mostly for money; sometimes fuelled by greed.

We must all stand up against this
destruction of our beloved Cayman before it is too late. To the government of
the day, help to put in place some trade schools, for road cleanup crews is not
the answer, nor is any other kind of quick fix. To the courts, stop sending our
children to Northward for a stick of ganja. Instead sentence them to trade
school and put them back in the hands of the parent. Give parents back the
right to use the rod. Let us all do our part to stop the crime wave.

Emile Levy