New CIBA Executive

The Cayman Islands Bankers’
Association held its 31st Annual General Meeting on 2 March and the following
Executive Committee Members were elected:

President: Gonzalo Jalles, HSBC
Bank (Cayman) Limited

Vice President: Mike McWatt, Butterfield
Bank (Cayman) Limited

Treasurer: John Sutlic, Close Bank
(Cayman) Limited


Ben Gillooly, CIBC Bank and Trust
Company (Cayman) Limited

Helena Soares Carneiro, Millennium
BCP Bank & Trust

Gary Darwent, Republic Bank
(Cayman) Limited

Anna McLean, FirstCaribbean
International Bank (Cayman) Ltd.

Doyle A. Dally, Wachovia Bank and
Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd

David Foster, RBS Coutts (Cayman)

Eduardo Ferreira, Banco Santander
(Brasil) S.A.