Bronze is real ambition this time

women volleyball teams are just as pumped up as the men to do well at the
NORCECA event this weekend.

Experienced pair Wanda Brenton
(Carl’s wife) and Jennifer Bily have last year’s experience to draw from.

“Last year, we were kind of raw and
didn’t have a whole lot of experience under our belts and had just started
training again,” Brenton said.

“This time we’ve had a lot more
preparation. That’s really good. We’ve played in two tournaments, got some game
play in and we’re looking forward to going again.

“We came fifth last year and this
time our goal is to make it to the bronze medal match.

Tarasa Barnett and Cristin
Alexander are Cayman’s newcomers. Barnett said: “I’ve kind of been playing
beach volleyball off and on since I moved to the island but I’ve never played
in any tournaments, so it is new to me.

“Cristin too. Last week’s
tournament was the first she had ever played in.

“We’re looking at this just to get
some experience under our belts and represent Cayman well. We want to work on
things we do well and get better, beat some teams and have some fun.

“Wanda and Jennifer have given us
some good tips and they’ve shown us what it’s like. When you’re playing beach,
you really have to trust your partner and have that chemistry. Really, it’s a
game about strategy. They’ve taught us that.”

Brenton and Barnett are only
average height, unlike the best teams who tend to be gigantic.

“We compensate that by trying to be
really fit,” said Brenton. “So that we can dig balls and move fast on the sand.
We look to JB and Cristin to try to take the block for us and then we’re back
there trying to dig everything up.

“That’s where our part comes into
play, trying to be quick, being the passer and making good shots instead of
just hitting hard down balls.”