It worked FAST again

The Fast Adrenal Stress Training
Defence instructor team were in action to good effect again.

They taught two seminars last
Saturday and the Prep School on Smith Road.

Instructor Bob Daigle said: “We had
a bunch of fresh faces for our basics seminar in the morning. After the basics
seminar we taught a ground fighting seminar to a small group of students. How
would you get a 200 pound man off you?

“Our instructor team always gets
pumped up when we see our students’ confidence grow throughout the seminar. The
number one comment we hear in our closing circle is that they now have a plan
if they were faced with a dangerous situation.

“Most of the students also say: ‘I
did not have a clue on what to do before taking this course.’ Imagine you are
off island on a business trip or a shopping trip or vacation and you  come face to face with someone who wants to do
you harm. Do you know what to do?

“We ask our students in our opening
circle why they come. The moms often talk about if someone broke into their
home and how they would protect their children.

“Most of our students are female.
Men think they are born with the natural ability to protect themselves and
their loved ones. Sadly this is not the case. We have had husbands and wives, boyfriends
and girlfriends and entire families take our course together.

“If the whole family has had
training it must be comforting to know, if by chance something was to happen,
they are prepared and their training would kick in.”

Student testimonials bear witness
to this. Karen Bures said: “I have taken the basic FAST defence and the
advanced ground fighting.

“They were both very helpful in
giving me ideas of what to do should I be attacked. I will be signing up for more
courses as soon as they become available. I am a believer!”

“I was amazed at how much we could
accomplish in such a short space of time and how basic moves can make such a
difference,” said Edel Andersen.

“I am very glad that I did the
course. I do feel more confident that I would react better in a crisis and be more
aware of ways to stop a crisis happening in the first place.

“I will pass on appropriate parts
of what I have learned to my children and inform my friends of how useful the
course was and encourage them to take it. I will be back to do the ground work.”

For more information contact
bob Daigle at [email protected]
or visit the website