Local author lectures on race myth

Local author
Guy P. Harrison says races do not exist. He will explain why in a free lecture
at Books and Books, Camana Bay, at 7pm on Friday, 19 March.

He will
discuss some of the key findings contained in his new book, Race and Reality:
What Everyone Should Know about Our Biological Diversity.

 “Races are cultural creations. Nature did not
impose them upon us—we made them up. Anthropologists have been saying this for
many decades now but the public has not yet absorbed it,” he said.

“There is
diversity in our species, of course, but the specific racial categories that
most people believe in are fiction. Considering all the problems that come with
racism, it’s vital that people learn the truth. Race belief is a very dangerous

book covers several topics related to race, including: intelligence, healthcare,
sports, love and sex, prehistoric migrations, European domination of New World
peoples, and racism. Although it addresses a complex scientific subject, the
book was written to be accessible to laypersons.

Race and
Reality has earned several strong endorsements from the United States academic
community. “This is a very important, profound, enjoyable and enlightening book,”
says Dr. Robert W. Sussman, a Washington University anthropologists and Editor
Emeritus of American Anthropologist.
“It should go a long way in helping disprove man’s most dangerous myth.”

Race and
Reality is Mr. Harrison’s second book. His first, 50 Reasons People Give for
Believing in a God, earned critical praise and achieved a number-one ranking in
its category on Amazon in the United States, France, Canada, Germany and Japan.