Up and Out visits the Brac

and Out: A Street Art exhibition from the National
Gallery of the Cayman Islands is on display in Cayman Brac.

Now open to the public, the exhibition
showcases the work of participants of the gallery’s outreach programmes along
with their commentary on local and global issues.

According to a gallery release,
street art is used as a positive outlet of expression using spray painting,
tagging and stencilling. An UP and Out
Street Art lecture on the origins of this modern art movement will be
held at the Brac Heritage House on Friday, 19 March at 6pm.

To learn how to create this street
art, Brac residents are invited to take part in a UP and Out Street Art workshop at Heritage House on Saturday, 20
March, at 10am.

The Gallery’s Education and
Outreach Coordinator Jessica Wallace will be facilitating the free programmes.
For further details, contact the National Gallery’s Sister Islands Officer Simone
Scott at 939-5306 or email [email protected]