Every dog has its day

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman has
been playing host to guest of a different kind recently as part of the resort’s
Community Footprints programme. Every week, the resort welcomes a couple of
dogs from the Cayman Islands Humane Society who get to participate in Doggie’s
Day Out.

Guests pay a US$25 donation to the
Humane Society for the pleasure of walking these charming and playful dogs on a
route around Blue Tip golf course or near the North Sound Club.

Marcus Caudill, housekeeping manager
and owner of a charming Humane Society alum named Charlie, designed the programme,
including working with the resort’s engineering team to ensure the dogs had a
comfortable and shaded location for resting between their brisk walks.

“We knew our guests would enjoy
taking the dogs out, but had no idea how successful the program would be,” said
Mr. Caudill. “On busy days we’ve even had waiting lists for the walking slots.
One guest enjoyed her outing so much, she handed me a check for $1,000 for the
Humane Society afterwards.”

Local residents and island visitors
who are not staying at The Ritz-Carlton are welcome to participate in the
programme as well. Participants sign in near The Ambassadors of the Environment
by Jean-Michel Cousteau Heritage House and collect the dogs from their nearby
between walks accommodations.

“So many Island residents including
dozens of our own ladies and gentlemen already generously donate their time
walking dogs near the Humane Society facility,” said resort Vice President and
General Manager Franz Ferschke. “Our programme offers an alternative venue for
people who may prefer not to walk around the busy roundabout area, and it is a
great activity for visiting families and friends.”

In addition to providing exercise and
attention for the dogs and raising funds for the Humane Society, the
programme’s ultimate goal is to help the dogs find permanent homes.

“The Humane Society makes it quite
an easy process for visitors to adopt dogs and take them home,” added Mr.
Ferschke. “We are looking into attractive leashes that say “Adopt Me” and even
working with the owners of Animal House who have generously agreed to groom any
dog who gets adopted through the programme so they are ready to go to their new

With its Community
Footprints programme, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman works
with two primary local partner organisations: the Humane Society of the Cayman
Islands and the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre. The Doggie’s Day Out walking
programme is only one of the numerous community projects in which the resort
and participates.

Doggie’s Day Out at The
Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman is currently offered on Wednesday and Friday
mornings. For more information or to schedule a walking slot, call