Rap group D.L.S.

Last Week Big
Tune published an error in the time-slot for Saturday Roll Out, the out an’ bad
Show, which is hosted by the illustrious Preston Onfroy, on Hot 104.1fm. The
correct air time is 7pm to midnight, every Saturday afternoon. Big Tune apologies
to Mr. Onfroy and Hot 104.1fm for that error.

This week Big
Tune shines the spotlight on a rap quartet who are young, gifted and black. I
was so impressed by the very articulate responses to my questions that I have decided
on a new twist this week – to simply publish the interview raw, as it had unfolded.
So, this is part one of a two part series. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to
you Cayman’s premier rap group, D.L.S.:

Q.   I know the group was C.B.R. You are now D.L.S., yet you
are still affiliated with C.B.R. Could you please clarify the difference
between the two groups?

There’s C.B.R. (Cats Brought up Restricted) and there’s D.L.S. (Da-Link-Set),
meaning the solid connection between the group and music.  D.L.S. is
a group on its own, C.B.R. was never really a group per say, rather an entertainment
company, where each solo artist did their own thing.  It’s been that
way from the beginning, each artist working on separate projects as well as
promoting the entertainment company C.B.R.

 Q.   How and when did the group get
started and by whom was it started?

 A. The
group started with J-Neezie and Burna being a duo, but left room for more
creativity so they later expanded. In 2006, M-Lito and Abby joined the
group and this was when the group officially started to make music. We all
grew up together so this made the connection a lot easier. M-Lito was as a
childhood friend of J-Neezie and Burna and a well-known rapper in High School
(John Gray). Abby sings in the Church at which J-Neezie attends. He always
thought Abby was a great singer so he asked her to join the group.

 Q.   Everybody loves music but what
made you all decided to take it beyond a listening ear into the higher levels
of actually making your own music?

A. Through
inspiration!  Being inspired by legendary musicians before and during our
time, people like Sam Cooke, David Ruffin, Etta James, Smokey Robinson, Bob
Marley, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, just to name a few. Once we all saw the
ability within ourselves to create our own music, we decided to actually
try it and see how far we could take it. From watching musicians on television
and hearing them on the radio, I guess we got a different feeling from the
music, as to, “wow this is incredible I wonder if I can create something
nearly as incredible and see how it turns out.”  The good thing is
that we appreciate all types of music.

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