Post box renters tips

Editor’s Note: Cayman Free Press is working in conjunction with the Cayman Islands Postal Service to bring weekly columns to our readers help iron out some of the issues facing the Post Office and its customers.

 Customers wishing to rent a post
office box can simply fill out a form by going into the post office of their
choice or downloading the form from
and fax in their application. They must then pay the fee for the size of box
they wish to rent. The fees are $75 for a small box, $100 for a medium and $250
for a large box.

To be a good post box renter, there
are a few points customers should bear in mind.

1. Return all mis-sorted mail,
either by going to the counter or placing the item in “the oops-not my-box”
slot, or by tossing it through your mail box slot (although this is really not
the acceptable way to do it). However, it is wise to note on the envelope the
reason for the return. Without this, that particular piece of mail is more than
likely going to end up in your post office box again. It is also important to
note that an item is not mis-sorted if it is addressed to your post box number
but does not include your name – that is, if it has someone’s name on the
letter with whom you are not familiar, but it has your box number on it. In
fact, having a post box number in the address is the standard for CIPS delivery,
not the name.

2. When renting a post office box
it helps to keep in mind that CIPS is not a long term storage for your mail and
by law, mail is returned to sender within 30 days of the stamped cancelled
date. The Postal Regulations (2002 Revision), Section 50 states: “The renter of
a private bag or private box shall cause it to be cleared at regular intervals,
and shall in no case permit it to remain uncleared for any period of longer
than 21 days.” 

While the policy is 21 days, CIPS
gives an extra seven days for customers to clear their boxes. If customers go
on vacation and are unable to clear their boxes during the 30 day period, they
should fill out a SafeMail form and pay for a specific length of time and CIPS
will store the mail until their return. Renters moving to another country are
able to re-direct their mail but they have to fill out a re-direction form.
They are charged a fee for this service and for use of keep safe boxes for the
period of re-direction.

3. Transferring your box to another
renter requires the permission of the Postmaster General in writing with proof
of signature attached. 

4. Post office box rentals are due
annually. If a customer rents a box on 1 June, 2009, then the next fee payment
is due 1 June, 2010.

5. Companies allowing employees to
receive mail in the company post office box should have employees leaving
contact CIPS on re-direction of their personal mail.