Public nudity at bars investigated

Officials are investigating two
separate incidents of public nudity involving females at liquor licensed
premises on Cayman.

Grand Cayman Liquor Licensing Board
Chairman Mitchell Welds said that he had received reports on the phone from two
members of the public who had raised concerns regarding nudity at two different

Mr. Welds did not identify those

“This type of behaviour will not be
permitted at liquor licensed premises. The prosperity of these Islands is a result of our strong Christian heritage.

“This conduct in my opinion will
diminish our moral values and will corrupt our people. It will also have tremendous
impact on the lives of our young people. This will not be tolerated by the
Liquor Licensing Board,” said Mr. Welds.

Liquor inspector Ernesto Carter is
currently following up on the reports and as yet has not verified them. Mr.
Welds said that the establishments would remain unnamed until further facts
could be established. He noted that people were reluctant to put such reports
in writing due to the small size of Cayman where “everybody knows everybody”.

In order for the board to revoke a
liquor license as a result of a breach of the licensing law, two criminal
convictions of the licensee in a court of law are necessary. However, Mr. Welds
said if there is a breach of the music and dancing law a suspension could be considered.

The board has previously put establishments
on probation where an establishment is watched closely, with a license review
at the following quarterly meeting of the Liquor Licensing Board.

In the past this has been effective
in terms of keeping people “on their best behaviour,” Mr. Welds said.

Section 25.3 of the Liquor
Licensing Law (2000 revision) states that ‘no licensee shall permit
drunkenness, gambling, disorderly or riotous behaviour or blasphemous or
obscene language on the licensed premises.’

The individual behaving in this
manner is also guilty of an offence.

Section 5.14 of the Liquor
Licensing Law also states that the board also has the authority to deal with
incidents for which there is no precedent.

“Where no procedure is laid down by
this Law, a Board may regulate its own procedure,” it reads.

Mr. Welds explained that meant that
the board could adopt or set certain procedures for establishments, such as
introducing a regulation banning lewd dancing in premises for example.


  1. I fully respect and applaud the strong Christian heritage of the Cayman Islands, and agree that these values have been fundamental in making Cayman what it WAS, however, to say that the act of brief public nudity, “…will diminish our moral values and will corrupt our people.”, seems comical, and even a bit telling perhaps, in how and why the island’s criminal activity and violence has gone semmingly unchallenged.

    I suspect that if the appropriate officials expelled as much concern over, and took as much action against, the continual break-ins, burglaries, assults, and killings that are terrorizing the islands, it would do more to safeguard the moral values of the Caymanian people, and do more to stave off corruption, than spending all the time and money that will be spent to investigate and resolve this nominal offense.

    It’s sad that something that resulted in not much more than indignation, will most likely become a distraction from the larger more critical problem, allowing it to continue to fester and grow, and corrupt, and diminish moral values.

  2. For crying out loud we were all breast fed from a womans breast! Flashing her breast in a bar-room is no different from a woman breast feeding her infant in public? A woman is a gift sent from God and her breast shows the true essence of her beauty. These so call liquor license people need to get a life and get one real quickly because, in these times of needs we need to be more concern with the high crime rate that is in our Country. What’s next???

  3. Wow – someone flashes a bare chest and its an issue that the police need to investigate? I cannot think of a bigger waste of time and resources.

    You know 6 shootings in 8 days – not so much of a big deal, but seeing a woman’s breasts yeah that is really gonna cause this country to go down hill.

    THIS type of stuff gets reported on? FIX the shootings, stop the killings and the drugs FIRST!

  4. This is just another thing to add to the list and to illustrate yet again, another facet of — talking about things, but not acting…

    Like the murders, assaults, drugs, robberies — happening regularly… and this thrown in – seemingly minor compared to the crimes. Where is the will and guts to solve these problems?

    The nudity may be considered “minor” to some, but it’s just another example of things in society as lawlessness increases. It’s like stepping in a muddy river (the minor), and then as you are washed away by more “major crimes”, being chewed on by murderous piranha.
    Section 25.3 of the LLL (2000 revision)… drunkenness… or obscene language on the licensed premises.
    Obsene language is used all the time, and in many settings. Drunkennes happens all the time, for example talk to the poor restroom cleaners and janitors etc..

    …the board could adopt or set certain procedures …. banning lewd dancing in premises for example. “Could”… then why not do it? Why are there always suggestions, always “maybe, could, should” etc and people have to go through a fight, a process to get anything done, while things get worse and worse as Cayman continues on the downhill slide – not learning from other countries whose are suffering from these social ills. Just “do it”…

    Until closer surprise inspections and “policing” of licensed premises from the restaurants, bars and clubs are done regularly, the facts won’t be known and neither will there be more concern or actions to stop these things, including robberies, murders, drugs, etc. that have been proven in many countries to tear apart societies. Yes, it’s spending time and money, but at the same time these people with a visible presence can get to know what’s happening ‘out there’ better. But there must be ACTION. It’s already LATE…

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