Trucker’s dream stolen by arsonist

Still owes money on vehicle

If there is such a thing as the
Caymanian dream, Tyron Forman said he was living it. Right up until 7 February
at about 6am.

That was when Tyron and his wife woke
up to find a dump truck he had purchased about three years ago ablaze near the
yard of their North Side home.

Tyron had worked for more than a
decade for Scott’s Equipment, but struck out on his own when he finally got
enough money together to purchase the truck. He had spent the last few years
hauling aggregate as an independent operator.

He wasn’t getting rich, but it was
enough to get by. And his youngest daughter, a three-year-old, loved taking
rides in the passenger seat with dad.

The vehicle is now completely
useless. It’s burned out shell still sits in the yard, only now the words
‘arson’ and a phone number ‘1-800-TIPS’ are spray-painted in orange across
what’s left of the frame.

“It melted right down,” Tyron said.
“I think somebody set my truck on fire.”

Cayman Islands Fire Service
investigators concur. Chief Fire Officer Dennom Bodden confirmed that his
department had ruled the 7 February fire arson and had turned the matter over
to police.

No arrests had been reported in the
incident at press time.

Tyron said his family’s major
source of income is now gone, and cannot be replaced. He only had third party
insurance for the expensive vehicle. His wife works, but he said tough times
are ahead for the Forman family.

“The economy is really bad right
now,” he said. “Even in the last few months, work had slowed and I was only
making maybe one or two runs a day.”

Typically, Tyron would go to
Breakers on a regular work day and see if Scott’s or any other local companies
were in need of aggregate – fill – hauling.

“If you’re building a house and you
want to fill your land, we’ll haul the rocks to fill your land and crush them
for the foundation or whatever,” he said. “It was my dream to have my own
truck. I was living my dream.”

That dream is now a nightmare.
Tyron said he still owes about $8,000 on the truck which can no longer be used.

“And I was just living paycheque to
paycheque with the truck, but I was holding my own,” he said. “And now, someone
comes along and vandalised the truck.”

As for who might be responsible,
Tyron said he’s got no idea. He said he has no enemies he’s aware, and he’s
loathe to believe one of his competitors might have done it during lean economic

“Things have really
been bad. I’ve got two kids, one’s three and one of them is six. I’ve got a mortgage
to pay and car payments – the truck was paying all of these bills, you know,
maintaining herself. Now, they’ve just knocked me right out of the picture.”


Tyron Forman and his two daughters with the dump truck that was set on fire outside his home last month.
Photo: Tammie C. Chisholm

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