Stop the blame game

As we watch day to day our beloved
Cayman moves from a peaceful island to one that is almost like some of those
places out there in the world riddled with drugs and crime.

The only real answers these so
called leaders we have here have for the people of this country is to blame one
another while the country dips deeper and deeper in despair.

When will they wake up and stop
this crazy way that they are taking our beautiful island down the road of
destruction, not weeks or months for a crime to happen but day to day? Soon,
and pretty soon, all the leaders will not be able to lead Cayman, but they
themselves might have to leave. Mr. (Sam) Bulgin has brought a motion to the
house that was passed against corruption in all government sectors. I must say
to him thank you sir, but that is not enough. For the crime and the drugs will
still flow. I am not afraid to say that we have people in high places in our
country that are involved in the drug trade and others criminal areas, but they
go unchecked our leaders do not have the answers.

For many of them are too busy
filling their pockets and the pockets of their friends to really help the
people of this country; too busy selling us out.

This is not the right way to run
this country. There must be fairness to all the people in the Cayman Island
after all the money that is being spent is the peoples’ money. Yes, I say to
the schools, we really need them in the eastern part of Cayman; yes to the
Government building in George Town; and yes to any other building or service
put forward by Kurt Tibbetts to help our people island wide and no to those
that want to and have been selling us out. You know who you are. For when the
crime reaches you all that have been doing bad to my people God have mercy on
you. For people like me will not feel sorry for you. Stop the violence Cayman.

Emile S. Levy