From secretary to attorney with the same firm

Lily Lee now practises with Broadhurst Barristers

22 years of working in the office of Attorney Peter Broadhurst, Lily Lee added
her name to the roll of attorneys-at-law in the Cayman
Islands when she was called to the bar on 12 March.

Angus Foster invited her to sign the roll in the traditional ceremony, after
which Attorney Kyle Broadhurst assisted her with the donning of gown and wig.

senior Mr. Broadhust made the application for Ms Lee’s admission.

noted that she had graduated from the University of Toronto
in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and joined his firm shortly

A British Overseas Territories
citizen, Ms Lee has lived in Cayman for 15 years and has permanent residency
with the right to work, Mr. Broadhurst advised. She has been a notary public
since 2003.

Lee began attending Cayman
Islands Law School in 2004. She graduated in 2007,
having won the Chamber of Commerce prize for best performance in third year

a further two years study in Toronto,
she was called to the bar of Ontario.

was called to the Bar of the Law Society of Upper Canada earlier this year.

Broadhurst said if Justice Angus Foster granted the application, it would give
him great pleasure to invite Ms Lee to join him and his son in their practice.

Foster welcomed Ms Lee, saying he was satisfied that she was suitably qualified
and a fit and proper person for admission to the bar. He used the occasion to
remind everyone that, just because she had been admitted to the bar in Canada,
admission in Cayman was not a formality.

are now an officer of this court,” he pointed out. The court in Cayman has the
highest expectation of honesty and professionalism in all of its attorneys,
regardless of the areas of law in which they practice,
he said.

Lee said she accepted her call with great humility. She thanked Mr. Broadhurst,
whom she considered to be her employer, her mentor and friend. She paid tribute
to her family and friend for their support, and to the law school lecturers for
their wisdom and understanding.


Recording the occasion for posterity are Attorneys Kyle and Peter Broadhurst, Justice Angus Foster and Attorney Lily Lee.
Photo: Carol Winker