Nervy Tiger is desperate to regain control

With all that has took place it’s
no surprise that Tiger Woods wants the world to look forward in his life not

His life is basically a train wreck
and his marriage is on life support. He didn’t want to face the media or the
public but he did it the only style he knows: his way.

In analyzing his first interviews
last week it’s clear that Woods had to answer the public before the Masters. In
deference to both Augusta National and his fellow players, if he didn’t sit in
front of the cameras and answer questions the year’s first major would degenerate
into a complete circus.

In spite of his secrecy and his
strive to control his image Woods should be applauded for not throwing anyone around
him under the bus. When he spoke of self-loathing, it seemed uncomfortably genuine.

“You strip away the denial, the
rationalization and you come to the truth and the truth is very painful at
times and to stare at yourself and look at the person you’ve become you become
disgusted,” he said.

Though he dodged a lot of the tough
subjects Woods was eager to defend his decision to marry Elin.

“Why did I marry her? Because I
loved her,” Woods said. “I loved Elin with everything I have. And that’s something
that makes me feel even worse, that I did this to someone I loved that much.

“She was hurt, she was hurt. Very
hurt. Shocked. Angry.”

It’s taken three months but Woods
finally got out in front of the story, something he should have done long ago.
Time will tell if the golf world fully embraces him.

In the meantime his message was
also one of hope and redemption.

“The strength that I
feel now I’ve never felt that type of strength,” Woods said.