Scotland: Popularity of boxing gym is a knockout

Boxing’s prominence in Cayman has
had its peaks and troughs but it looks set to soar from now on.

There is the recently opened $1.2
million D Dalmain Boxing Gymnasium at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex which
can accommodate every aspiring Floyd Mayweather.

 Coach Nayon ‘Donie’ Anglin is seeing new recruits
every week and he was recently joined by pro trainer Norman Wilson who is here
for a few months to train Charles ‘The Killa’ Whittaker for his big fight in

The Minister of Sport, Mark
Scotland, is pleased that the boxing programme is growing and may eventually be
the envy of the Caribbean. Certainly, the gym already is.

Three amateurs are in intensive
training hoping to make the 2012 London Olympics; Dariel Ebanks, Kendall Ebanks
and Jason Parchment.

“I think boxing is an excellent
sport for dealing with at-risk youngsters and kids who might be going down the
wrong path,” Scotland said.

“Apart from that, it’s a good sport
as well and the ministry has already shown our support for it because we’ve
just given the boxing association a grant to bring in coach Wilson to train
Charles Whittaker.

“But at the same time one of its
mandates is to work with the current coach, Mr Anglin, on the youth development
programme. I’d like to see the numbers grow there.

“I’d love to see a situation where
we continue to give a grant for an additional boxing coach because we have that
excellent facility there and we need to use it.

“I want to be able to go there any
time, night and day and see somebody punching those bags. When I hear Mr Anglin
say that he has almost 70 people in the youth programme already, that’s excellent.

“Right next to the schools, as part
of their PE programme, having little bouts, is great. You can’t have that sort
of facility and not use it.

“Putting that kind of facility
there and finding a grant for a couple of coaches. That has to go hand in

For more information, contact
coach Anglin on: 328-2334 or 939-7944 or [email protected] or Norman
Wilson on 927-7056