The bun is back

Just when many are peeling off the
extra layer of fat that showed up during the “chilly” winter months of Cayman,
our eyes are assaulted with the grand displays of Easter Bun and Cheese in our
local supermarkets…. it is that time of year again.

Yes, many seem to have found an
extra few pounds have crept on during the winter months in Cayman, and as
Northerners understand, the concept of extra padding during the season of
winter is nature’s way to taking care of her own.

Think of that bear in its cave, all
fatted up for a long winter hibernation. Can it be that the chillier temperatures
of Cayman caused 7-10 lb weight gains for some? I think yes.  Noted comments about the phenomenon of winter
weight-gain related to feelings of increased hunger as well as a need for more
warming foods, such as oatmeal, soups, stews and breads. 

Of course, for the walkers and
joggers amongst us, the cooler weather offered a welcomed respite from the heat
and humidity soon to come our way.  Participants
in Water Works Wonders, a water conditioning programme offered by Lifestyles,
braved the season well and took the plunge weekly despite temperature
dips.  (Visitors from overseas may be shaking
their heads in wonderment, puzzled at what cooler temperatures we are talking

With Easter, you may now face the
challenge of extra celebrations, feasting, fasting, picnicking, camping, travel
and, of course, Bun and Cheese.  Know
that you can pack quite a few extra calories and pounds on with the combo, so
practising portion control (or cutting it out altogether) is important. 

A Lifestyle tip is to enjoy the
traditional treat once or twice during the holidays, sitting down with a nice
cup of tea or coffee, and then indulging no more.

It’s the every-day slicing off of a
slice that will get you.  Think about it
and act upon good intentions. 

Take heart, there will be a renewed
sense of commitment to your health and wellness, and weight loss goals, after
Easter, just as there is after Christmas. This too, may be a seasonal

Mitchell is a lifestyle consultant specialising in weight management and
self-help. Send your email address to
[email protected] to receive
upcoming newsflashes on health and wellness. 


It’s the Easter Bun and Cheese time of year again.
Norma Connolly