Jamaicans slam through Mango Tree

Last weekend saw local dominos’
biggest event on its calendar.

The sport witnessed a two-day
tournament between a select group of dominos players from Jamaica and

The competition was hosted by the
Cayman Islands Domino Association, in conjunction with the International
Council of Domino. The Cayman select side consisted primarily of players from
local club Island All-Stars.

Mango Tree was the site of all the
action on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. About 30 spectators showed up each day
to drink a cold one and observe all of the hollering and domino slamming.

Ultimately the Jamaican contingent
(which had most of its player from Rite Stuff dominos sports club) came out on
top in impressive fashion handily winning both match days by over 20 points.

A number of Jamaican players turned
in solid performances and walked away with most valuable player awards. The big
winners were Althea Shaw, Luis Suckoo, Eric Plumber and Jodi Gajardah.

A few of the Cayman players were
also recognized with trophies in Derek Elliott Senior, Winston Welch, Oletta
Elliott and Neville Campbell.

Cayman has a chance to redeem
itself next weekend when it travels to Kingston,
Jamaica during
the Easter break for the second leg of the competition.

On the whole the competition was a
welcome experience for the Cayman team. As player Dwight Moss states it all
came down to strategy.

“Everything turned out excellent
and it’s just unfortunate we lost. It was a well-disciplined event and though
it was not a huge crowd we had good enough support. I think for next time we
need to improve on our pairings and getting our partners together.

“A lot of guys didn’t play due to
some in-house issues. The result was we didn’t have the proper pairs to play
who could use the same codes and work together to lock down the board or block

“I personally think I did well. Me
and my partner Carlos Whittaker lost on three tables but we had the lead on two
of them. We kept things close, losing by six on one table.

“I’ve been in Cayman about 18/19
years and I’ve been playing on this level for the last six or seven years. Win
or lose it is always good playing international competition.”