Shaw certainly had the Rite Stuff

The sport of dominos has a pretty
significant foothold around the region.

Many associations are in place and
see thousands of players slamming pieces and calling key on a regular basis.

A prime example of that can be seen
in Jamaica
where dominos club number in the hundreds. One of them, Rite Stuff Sports Club,
was here in force as part of a Jamaican team that took on a Cayman select team
last week.

Among the players here for the competition
was Althea Shaw. She not only runs the club but serves as president of the
Jamaica Dominos Federation.

Shaw spoke about the level of
dominos presently in Jamaica.

“There are a lot of teams in Jamaica. There
is a wide scale of players and dominos is being played all over. I’m from Kingston and in that area
alone there are 50 odd clubs.

“The thing to remember is there are
a lot of members in each club. Some teams have upward of 60 people in them.”

Over the two-day tournament held at
Mango Tree, Shaw proved she could hold her own in the sport by winning a most
valuable player trophy (another woman, Jodie Gajardah, also won the award).

That effort resulted in the
Jamaican team beating Cayman (which featured mostly Island All Stars players)
on both match days by over 20 points.

Shaw spoke about her feelings on Jamaica leaving
these shores victorious.

“We feel good. We all came away as
champions. This time around we had mostly ladies on the team and initially I
thought we would have been beat. But we were pleasantly surprised and had some
good games here.

“For the past six years we have
been coming regularly and we don’t plan on changing that. The Cayman team is
always very nice and hospitable. We always enjoy ourselves when we come and
we’re treated with respect.

“Even though they lost they never
got out of order and they consistently show great sportsmanship.”