Rotary helps with clinics

Adventists going to Ahaus, Honduras

are areas in Honduras where healthcare is virtually non-existent for some.

why the Adventist Development and Relief Agency is committed to building
clinics in Ahaus, Honduras.

that’s why Rotary Central has stepped forward with financial support for the

people in the Ahaus area are without health care and statistics show that
children are dying because of the lack and a proper medical facility. 

is a very important international project for our club to support,” said Rotary
Central’s President Paul Byles. “Rotary clubs incorporate international
services projects such as this one as part of the global approach of Rotary
International, whereby local communities collaborate with organisations to
assist communities in need in other countries.”

Central has supported the agency before on another project and the
organisation’s Executive Secretary Carol Best-Gould expressed gratitude for the
support for this year’s upcoming mission to work on the clinic.

is a great boost to us yet again from Rotary Central to assist us in our trip.
We have had a lot of support from throughout the community and are indeed very
grateful for the help. With this help we will definitely be improving the lives
of many persons in the region of Honduras and in fact statistics show that we
will actually save lives,” said Ms Best-Gould.

is a very remote area of Honduras and difficult to reach because of
inaccessible roadways. It is inhabited by the indigenous Miskito people who
also live in bordering Nicaragua. The lack of infrastructure in the region
makes healthcare delivery virtually impossible without the use of an aircraft
or boat. The vast majority of healthcare services are supplied by charity and
missionary organizations.

started by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and seeks to improve the lives of
people around the world, such as those who are the victims of deprivation and
social injustice.