Students perform romantic fable

Twenty students from the George
Hicks High School campus creatively expressed themselves during a production of
a romantic Chinese fable.

The Willow Pattern is a traditional
oriental story of star-crossed lovers’ doomed love and tragedies that appealed
to the imagination and also referred to the intricate and decorative pottery
design that has been popular for centuries.

The plot centred round a wealthy
and powerful Mandarin of the Chinese Empire and his lovely daughter Knoon-She

Knoon-She is in love with her
father’s secretary, Chang. However, she has been ordered by her parents to wed
a wealthy rival suitor. Knoon-She refuses to comply with their wishes and she
is punished along with her lover.

The play took place in a royal
court where etiquette and formality were important. However, there were light
hearted moments from the incompetent warriors to the sarcastic maid Min.

Drama teacher Nicholas Dereza said
he had thought that the play would be ideal for the students as it was both
comical and tragic. “The play definitely has Romeo and Juliet qualities,” he

Various theatrical devises
including slow motion, mime and narration, were incorporated into the school’s
staging of the play.

Because of the classroom setting,
the set was simple, concentrating on three colours: red, white and black.

Students and story tellers suggested
the locations, while transforming audiences to a different place and time.

The stage production was the
collaborative effort between Years 8 and 9 students.

A press release stated that for
many students it was the first time that they had been in a play, but that it
had given them the chance to work with different people and meet new friends.

“Hopefully we can start a tradition
of students being involved in plays as it is such an enriching experience as
well as teaching them team skills. It gives them the opportunity to express
themselves creatively.

 “We had lots of fun putting the play together,
but it was also an excellent experience for students learning stage craft and
different styles of theatre,” said Mr. Dereza.

Performances were
held last Tuesday and Wednesday night in the art room at George Hicks campus.


Cast in the production Willow Pattern, George Hicks High School Years 8 and 9 students.
Photo: Jewel Levy