Community development brings US students

Several students from Delta State
University in Cleveland, Mississippi, came to the Cayman Islands to do
volunteer work as part of their Community Development in an International Setting

Led by Paulette Weikle, the group
says it worked in conjunction with the Department of Children and Family
Services Director Dianne Look Loy and Ms Jen Dixon, the department’s deputy

Ms Weikle said every year the group
goes somewhere different and other Caribbean Islands to be visited include
Jamaica and Grenada.

She added that of all the
destinations she had been to, she found Grand Cayman to be one of the most
welcoming and least hazardous to work in.

“It’s great to finally be in
Cayman. We’ve heard so much and agree that there is a seeming level of calm
prevailing, intertwined with high standards everywhere.”

During their time in the Cayman
Islands, the group worked with Children and Family Services, spending two days
in workshop settings before going into the community to see what is happening
on the ground level.

The team of seven masters level university
students visited Miss Nadine’s Preschool where they developed a mock curriculum
for the students about Mississippi.

  In addition,
the students cleaned up and completed repairs at a foster home in George Town.

A tree was also planted at the
foster home to commemorate the students’ 11 day visit.

 “We want to leave behind some tangible evidence
of our time spent in the Cayman Islands for the children and everyone to enjoy.
This tree will be a reminder of us when we are gone and a deeper attachment
when we return,” Ms Weikle said.