BA facing more union threats

Unions in Denmark, Norway and
Sweden have said they may carry out industrial action in sympathy with striking
British Airways cabin crews.

The unions – which represent
airport services staff across the three nations – said members plan to start
industrial action on or around 14 April.

They have yet to decide what form
it may take, but it could include strikes or delays in servicing BA flights.

BA has been hit by two strikes in a
dispute over job losses and pay.

The last of the two strikes by
Unite cabin crew members ended on Tuesday, and no decision on additional
walkouts have yet been made.

The sympathy action in Norway,
Denmark and Sweden is being co-ordinated by global union grouping,
International Transport Workers’ Federation.

It said the aim was to put pressure
on BA to reach agreement with Unite.

“We and our members intend to
resist what has come to look very much like an attempt to break the
union,” said federation general secretary David Cockroft.

BA has yet to comment on the
possibility of industrial action by Nordic unions.