Comedy nights at the Overtime Sports Lounge

 For uproarious
standup comedy, watch Al Jackson and Forrest Shaw at the Overtime Sports Lounge
on Lawrence Boulevard, 5-6 April, 9pm.

The upcoming
shows are week three of the venue’s new comedy nights, organised by the
Overtime’s Managing Director Rion Mohammad.

Comedy Funny
man Al Jackson swapped his day job as a 7th grade public school
teacher for comedy and is known for his edgy hard-nosed sets.

abortion, homosexuality, gender politics; all issues used by the powers that be
to divide people… are made light of by the great ones. The ability to speak to
people and have them listen and maybe even change the ideologies to which they
once held dear is amazing to me”.

All that he
asks of the audience is that they “walk in [his] shoes, even if it’s one comedy
set at a time.”

Al Jackson’s TV
stints include appearances on MTV’s MVP’s 2008 and Last Comic Standing Season 6.

Growing up
only child of a hippie mother in Miami has given Forrest Shaw a lifetime’s
worth of material that he has crafted into witty and clever anecdotes about of his unorthodox
life. His autobiographical humour is exploratory and wry.

segued onto the comedy circuit following 10 years as a marine biologist.
Looking under the microscope was eventually replaced by focusing in on what
makes people laugh hard. A regular on South Florida’s open mic circuit, his own
very human faults and failures provide ready ammo and foils for observational
jokes. In his opinion: “Life is complicated and it shouldn’t be. We have created
all of this stress and aggravation, so the healthiest thing to do is make fun
of ourselves and laugh about it.   

He was a finalist for the 2007 Comedy Central Open
Mic Fight, was a finalist for the 2007 Carnival Comedy Challenge and won the
winner of the 2006 South Florida New Faces Comedy Contest.

The comedy nights are sponsored by Ketel One and