Jackson doctor to keep med licence

Murray has
pleaded innocent to involuntary manslaughter in connection with Jackson’s June 25, 2009,
death. An autopsy showed the pop icon had lethal levels of sedatives and the
anesthesia propofol in his system when he died at age 50.

allegedly administered the drugs to Jackson
to help him sleep. The doctor has insisted he did nothing wrong.

The California state attorney general’s office has called for
the suspension of Murray’s
medical license until the matter is resolved at trial.

said Murray
attended a hearing Monday at Los Angeles Superior Court where Judge Michael
Pastor postponed making a decision in the matter until June 14. Jackson’s
parents and siblings Janet and Jermaine were present at the proceeding, the
report said.

Pastor is
expected to announce at the June court date whether Murray
may keep his California
medical license.

relieved that the doctor can continue earn a living,” Murray’s spokeswoman Miranda Sevcik told

been brutal,” Sevcik said. “He has not been found guilty of anything,
yet he’s been treated as though he has. It’s been difficult. He’s been
concentrating on taking care of his patients and family and working really