Today’s Editorial for April 07: Cameras only part of the solution

Don’t look now, but Big Brother
could soon be watching you.

Plans are in the works for
Government to dole out $1 million if the private sector will come up with $2
million to install closed circuit television cameras throughout the Islands.

It’s an idea that’s being touted by
the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
and the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

The plan is to install closed
circuit cameras in public places and for the police to monitor those cameras in
an effort to cut back on crime in the Cayman Islands.

While hidden cameras may deter some
criminals from breaking the law, CCTV is not the panacea to all of our security
and safety concerns.

The new cameras would have to be a
part of an integrated approach that considers all aspects of our crime

Business leaders throughout Grand
Cayman are to receive a survey within the next week to get their input on CCTV
and strategies to fight crime.

We hope that those approached will
take the survey seriously.

There are other crime prevention
ideas in the works and we anxiously await further details from the RCIPS about
their plans.

We’re already seeing an increased
police presence on Grand Cayman and many people have been taken into custody
for questioning in recent crimes.

Whether the CCTV scheme goes
through or not, the public needs to continue to be forthcoming with information
about known crimes and criminals.

We continue to point the finger of
blame at the police when crimes are committed and go unsolved, but the police
are limited without input from the community.

Many of the recent arrests can be
attributed to people coming forward with information. For that, we thank them.

The perpetrators of crimes in the
Cayman Islands do have family and friends here who know that person’s actions
are not right. It’s time to quit protecting the people who inflict ill on us
all by committing crimes. We all have to work together to come up with a

Hidden cameras may be part of that
solution, but only a part.