Letters to the Editor: Get guns under control

My Caymanian people and all other
people from the outside world, let us get to the point right away and talk
about it.

Where are all the guns coming from?

Now we know that Cayman has no gun
stores or gun factories. But while I was writing this piece, these things came
to mind. Maybe we may have some gun makers somewhere here on Cayman that are
making these guns.

But then this may not be so.

Now if we have all this money that
they say we have here and all the drugs and if the gangs are here now too,
especially, if most of this is from the outside world, well we must also have
the guns here too.

What a mess.

On top of this once upon a time the
most peaceful people in the world; these poor Caymanians that were known
worldwide for their niceness, where are t he guns coming from that are rampant
on Cayman?

Well we do celebrate pirates here
on Cayman and as you all know the pirates have to have their guns for they
stand for looting and killing and raping and all different kinds of crime.

We still have real pirates out
there riding the Caribbean and here on Grand Cayman. If the people on this
Island can remember, Caymanians were not pirates. But the heads of families
here on Cayman had guns for hunting and killing parrots to protect crops and if
needed to protect Cayman from pirates and invaders.

But we have had no hardened
criminals on Cayman.

In these times I speak about, my
people were peaceful. Now we must ask not only where are the guns coming from,
but where are all the criminals with the guns coming from as we all know
criminals use all kinds of weapons.

Many of the criminals are being
born right here on Cayman and from the outside world.

I never dreamed that in my lifetime
that one day my beautiful Cayman and its people would be in this mess after
working so hard to come out of the poorness to the kind of place we have now.

Women killings, men killings,
children killings, stealing, robberies with guns, drugs, out of control rape,
corrupt officials and even bomb scares in the middle of the day in George Town.

Has the devil taken over Cayman
after all? We do have his servants here now on Cayman with us from all over the
world and we even do business with them. Where are the guys coming from?

The answer is also out of the homes
of Caymanians too. That has changed into real criminals committing crimes for
the quick money. The drug trade and more quick riches with the gun.

To all the pirates and to all on
Cayman that know you are committing these crimes; to all that has been charged
in Northward Prison with more crime, to all the down trodden that are not given
a chance to do good. And to all the big boys here on Cayman. You all know what
I am writing about. Let us all get together and stop the violence before it is
too late and the Islands really lose and the people suffer more.

Special note to the leaders:
Instead of bullet proof vests, cars and the waste of people’s money on these
foolish things – for they cannot save you if someone really wants to hurt you.
Instead try and help our people get rid of the guns and use that foolish spending
to help the Cayman Children, which are the future.

Emile S. Levy