Port fees increase

Port cargo handling fees of goods
imported into and exported from Cayman increased on Tuesday.

The Port Authority last week notified
shipping companies of the increases, which were approved by Cabinet on 9 March.

The raised fees are part of
government efforts to increase revenue that have seen increases in charges and
fees in several industries. Import duties were increased in January.

To increase the cargo handling fees,
amendments have had to be made to the Port Authority Law regulations.

Woody Foster of Foster’s Food Fair
IGA said it was too early to tell if the increased fees would mean a knock-on
effect in the prices of imported foodstuffs into Cayman.

“We haven’t seen the extent of it
yet or been able to quantify it as yet, but it looks fairly substantial,” he

Cargo dues on imports, other than
fuel and cargo in containers, increase from $3.52 to $16.65 per ton, while
cargo dues on exports rise from $2.05 to $16.65 per ton.

The cost of offloading from or
loading on to a vessel using a Port Authority crane will increase from $15 for
each 20 foot length to $50.

Crane lifts of between 70,000lbs
and 100,000lbs will cost $700 per hour, and $1,000 per hour for crane lifts of
over 100,000lbs. This doubles the current cost, which is $350 an hour for a
minimum of two hours.

The charge for inward and outward handling
of each consignment of cargo on a container or trailer transhipped through the
port has increased from $136 to $200 for every 20 foot length, and from $12.29
to $16.65 per ton for cargo not in a container.

To offload cargo and reload it onto
the same vessel, charges have increased from $54.60 to $100 for every 20 foot
length if the cargo is in a container and from $12.29 per ton to $16.65 per ton
if it is not.