Faster tattoo removal laser now in Cayman

Remember that boy you dated in high
school, who you thought you’d love forever and had his name tattooed in four
different colours on your arm? And then you broke up with him two weeks later?

Or the time you had a bit too much
to drink and woke up with a red, green and purple dragon tattoo on your back?

Now, those disastrous decisions
that left ill-thought out ink on the backs, arms and legs of the population can
be rectified faster and more effectively on Island.

The first laser tattoo removal
device of its kind that can treat tattoos of all colours, with minimal discomfort,
is now available at Beyond Basics Medical Day Spa.

Previously, removing tattoos with
multiple colours meant using multiple lasers, meaning a longer and more painful
process for the patient.

The Candela AlexTriVantage Q-switched
alexandrite device uses a unique laser-pumped technology to bring three laser
wavelengths together into one versatile platform.

With three wavelengths and a new
long pulse mode, the device can handle all currently treatable tattoo colours,
as well as those hard to get to pigmented lesions such as age spots, freckles
and birth marks, regardless of skin tone and for all age groups.

The number of treatments required
varies according to depth of ink and size of tattoo. Treatments are six weeks
apart for tattoo and 3-4 weeks for pigmented lesions and all consultations are

Beyond Basics Medical Days Spa is
has two clinics, one at Smith Road Plaza and another at The Chrissie Tomlinson
Memorial Hospital.


DaggerHeart Daggerheart after surgery
Photo: Courtesy Dr. Gerald Goldberg.


  1. I had two removal treatments done for a tattoo that I got 10 years ago and unfortunately I had ZERO results. The treatments cost me $800 and I still have this horrible tattoo. I would not recommend anyone trying this procedure – tattoos are permanent and DO NOT come off. The technology just does not exsist to remove them. I just think this Candela machine that they use is bragging about technology that does not exsist yet.

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