Cotto hires Manny

Miguel Cotto has changed trainers

The three-time world champion hired
Hall of Famer Emanuel Steward to work his corner when he faces Yuri Foreman on 5
June in the first boxing event at the new Yankee Stadium. The fight will be for
Foreman’s WBA super welterweight title.

“I’ve always been a big fan of
Miguel’s,” said Steward, who replaces Joe Santiago, who worked Cotto’s
corner in his lopsided loss to Manny Pacquiao last November. “Cotto’s willing
to fight everyone and he always gives his best effort.”

Santiago will remain part of Team
Cotto. He had replaced Cotto’s uncle, Evangelista Cotto.

Steward initially had talked to
Foreman’s manager, Murray Wilson, about working with Foreman but was not
guaranteed being head trainer. But instead, Steward will be working against
Foreman, who is 28-0 with eight knockouts.

A furious Wilson said: “We had
a deal. Then, a few weeks later, Manny is with Cotto. He never called me. He’s
not welcome around Yuri.”

Steward, who works as an analyst
for HBO, said he has been promised complete control over Cotto’s camp and that
his goal for Cotto, who is 34-2 with 27 knockouts, is to bring out the best in