Ministers set to clash for bragging rights

The Las Vegas bookies have been
working overtime taking bets on the match of the century.

It has generated more interest than
a Tiger Woods confrontation with one of his squeezes.

The eyes of the sporting world will
be glued to the glass court at Camana Bay around 7pm on Saturday when two
heavyweights of squash clash for the ultimate title: Champion Minister.

Sports minister Mark Scotland, a
former national junior squash rep, takes on West Bay MLA Cline Glidden in an

Neither has played since school
days so they practiced together at the South Sound Squash Club on Tuesday and
nothing was really revealed because both won a game 11-10.

It is all the idea of event
organiser Dan Kneipp to help raise interest in squash. Playing in the glass
court which was erected in time for the first matches last night will be a
challenge as it will be hot, unfamiliar territory. A little like a Legislative
Assembly debate.

Glidden said: “We’re looking
forward to it. When we made the commitment to Dan to support the Cayman Open,
we told him we would do anything to help with the promotion of the sport and
assist with the participation of young people we would do it.

“Hopefully, we won’t turn them off
by watching us play. We’re looking forward to a clean, competitive match.

“There might be a little bumping,
here and there. I’m a little bigger now and I might need to use any advantage I
can get. But we’re looking forward to it.”

Scotland said: “I haven’t had much
time to practice so don’t be surprised if you hear on Saturday an announcement
that the minister had to withdraw because of an injury in preparation!

“I’m actually looking forward to a
good, clean match and I’m glad the squash club asked us to put this on. We want
to show our involvement in the sport too.”

Professional scouts from all over
the world will be watching keenly to see if the two can be enticed to join the
vets world tour.


Glidden reckons he can beat Scotland even with his eyes shut.
Photo: Ron Shillingford