Students briefed on tourism industry

Students at Triple C School are
about to begin work experience and to help them decide where their interests
may lie, they have been given a series of presentations from professionals.

So far, the kids have heard from entrepreneurs
to tourism and hotel industry professionals, with Valerie Tzucker of
Ritz-Carlton the latest on the list of presenters.

Ms Tzucker shared thoughts about
the importance of the tourism and hotel industry to the Cayman Islands with the
student last month and how they may play a part in the future.

She also taught the students that
there are four types of hotels, ranging from a budget to luxury hotels and specified
the difference in each hotel category.

Explore the industry

Ms Tzucker encouraged the students
to explore the option of working within the hotel industry and provided them
with information about the many opportunities provided in this industry,
including travel.

The students enjoyed the
presentation, which they felt gave an insight into the hotel industry.

Pupil Jordan McLaughlin said that
it had been an interesting experience. “It opened my eyes and I am sure my
classmates’ eyes, to the many opportunities that are out there for us. It is
just for us to go and get it,” said the senior at the school.


Valerie Tzucker told students about hotel and tourism opportunities.
Photo: Submitted