Triple C School is judged satisfactory on the recommendations made from their last inspection in May 2019.-Photo: Carolina Lopez.

Office of Education Standards inspectors have determined that Triple C School has made satisfactory progress in adopting recommendations arising from an assessment last year that gave the school a ‘weak’ rating.

The progress report was released after a follow-through inspection of the school 10 Feb.

In the May 2019 inspection, the school was found to be weak in students’ attainment in mathematics and science in early years and elementary; in English in elementary; and in mathematics in middle school; as well as in progress in science in early years and elementary, in English and mathematics in elementary grades, and in leadership.

“School leaders were aware of most of the school’s areas for improvement but had not put measures in place to address those needs,” inspectors wrote in the 2019 report.

Although the school’s principal, Mable Richardson, had established a cohesive sense of community, according to last year’s inspection, there were no leadership roles allocated beyond the senior leadership team and Richardson made most decisions. There was no systematic analysis of the school’s performance and the past leadership structure did not support the school’s capacity to improve, the 2019 report said.

The inspectors made five recommendations following last year’s inspection – to raise attainment in English, mathematics and science in the early years and elementary by ensuring that the work is suitably challenging for all students; improve the curriculum for early years, elementary and middle school; improve health and safety in all areas; improve leadership from the principal; and improve arrangement for assessing students’ progress.

For the current school year, Triple C has appointed a new elementary vice principal, Sali Samaroo, to improve the curriculum as well as student assessment and achievement.

Since her appointment, the latest report said, “the school, with her direction, has made a satisfactory start addressing these areas for improvement, including challenge in lessons, subject leadership, curriculum and assessment”.

The follow-through report stated that the appointment of new subject leaders and heads of department has been a “fundamental change that helped start the process of improvement that was observed during this inspection”.

However, the inspectors noted further improvements needed to be made.

“In order to raise performance in the areas identified in the last report to ‘good’, all of the senior leadership team must remain committed and determined to address them, providing clear leadership, direction and support to the teachers taking the lead in the developments,” the report stated.

Triple C, a Christian private school that serves students from pre-school to grade 12, follows the American school system and is administered by the Church of God Chapels in the Cayman Islands.

See the full report online at The Office of Education Standards, under Publications.

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