Eco Art Party at Market at the Grounds

The National Gallery of the Cayman
Islands held its Eco Art Party, partnered with the National Trust and Market at
the Grounds on Saturday, 10 April. The event kicked off Cayman’s Earth Month celebrations
and challenged youngsters to become the “Green Generation”.

More than 60 young artists got to
paint a plant pot and plant their own vegetable; with seedlings donated by the Agriculture

The gallery hosted
the eco-friendly activities to raise awareness of the low cost and effective
ways that everyone, of any age, can make a difference
by positively contributing to the environment.

“By painting a pot and then planting organically, participants
were able to embrace and embody Albert Einstein’s famous words: “We shall require
a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive,”’ explained the
gallery’s education and outreach coordinator, Jessica Wallace.

 “The NGCI Eco Art
Party actively engages young people… through art but also leaves the young
participants pondering the largely negative effects we, as humans, have had on
our earth and ways this might be turned around,” she added.

 “Over the years [the] National Gallery’s
Eco Art Party has become an increasingly important event on our calendar,
helping to promote understanding of the vital role that biodiversity plays
in sustaining our environment,” said Director Natalie Urquhart.

“We look forward to partnering with the National Trust, Vigoro
Nursery and Market at the Grounds to provide more opportunities to further this
message in a fun and creative way,” she said.

For more ideas on how you and your
family can help celebrate Earth Month through art activities and crafts,
contact Jessica Wallace at [email protected].


Children decorate their plant pots at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands’ Eco Art Party at Market at the Grounds.
Photo: Alan Markoff