Meet Zoey Robinson

Aspiring champion

 Zoey Robinson


St Ignatius High School

How long have you been playing

1 1/2 years                      

Other sports that you play?

Baseball, basketball, cricket, tennis
and football

Is there a player that you’re
looking forward to playing?

Nicol David

If you got to play against the
world No.1 Nicol David, do you think you could get a point?

If she went easy, maybe

What is your goal for squash?    

Make the National Team this year
before July, so I have a chance to play in Junior CASA        

What’s your favourite shot?

Forehand drive

What are you looking forward to
about the Cayman Squash Open?                

Watching Nicol David play and Mark
Scotland and Cline Glidden’s match

Zoey Robinson

Junior’s Squash player Zoey Robinson