Trivia night returns to Dog House

What is Sherlock Holmes’ partner
Dr. Watson’s first name? What were the first three James Bond movies? What did
Ruth Handler invent in 1959?

If you know the answers to any or
all of these questions, then gather a group of like-minded quiz buffs and grab
a table at the weekly trivia night at The Dog House in Grand Harbour.

Trivia night, which started last
year, has been absent from the bar for a few months, but it’s now back with a
vengeance. The quiz is hosted every Tuesday night by Z99 presenter JB who
begins firing the questions around 7pm.

“Trivia Night Live is the perfect
way to use all that useless knowledge people have stored away in their
brains.  People are surprised what they remember… and it is fun to show
off that big brain,” said JB.

“We have a wide range of questions
– science, geography, sports, movies, music, space, a ton of variety,” he

He warns the audience at the outset
that his decision is final, so there’s no point in arguing with him that asking
questions about the American version of the Monopoly board is entirely unfair
to non-Americans and Monopoly-phobes.

Participation is free and the top
three teams win prizes.

And for the record, Watson’s first
name is John; the first Bond movies were Dr. No, From Russia with Love and
Goldfinger; and Ruth Handler invented the Barbie doll.