Attempted murder charge sent to Grand Court

Following a preliminary inquiry on
Monday, 19 April, Justin D’Angelo Ramoon was committed to Grand Court to stand trial on a charge of
attempted murder.

Ramoon, 18, is accused of attempting
to murder Sven Connor on 21 February 2010. The alleged incident was said to
have occurred in the vicinity of the Fairbanks
trailer site in George Town.

In connection
with the same incident, the teen is also charged with possession of an
unlicensed firearm.

He was represented by Attorney
Lloyd Samson, while Crown Counsel Tanya Lobban presented material for the

Magistrate Nova Hall directed that
Ramoon’s matter go to the opening of the next Grand Court session, which begins on
Wednesday, 7 July.

Attempted murder is a charge that
can be dealt with only in the Grand