Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The Estella Scott-Roberts
Foundation is recognising April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month with a series
of promotional activities such as discussions in the media and print materials
designed to reinforce the campaign theme: Believe, Talk, Act. 

Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation
Director Sara Collins, said, “Estella Scott-Roberts was a committed advocate of
raising awareness about sexual assault in our community. As director of the
Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, she was instrumental in organising the first
observance of SAAM in the Cayman Islands in 2005. The theme of Believe, Talk,
Act, very much reflects Estella’s own positive and proactive approach to
bringing about change.”

The SAAM campaign focuses on myths
and facts about sexual assault. Popular myths include the belief that only
women can be victims of sexual assault and that most assailants are strangers.

“It is important to raise awareness
within the community about sexual assault so we can learn to protect ourselves
and our children from it and those who have been victims know the appropriate
steps to take. Sadly it is more prevalent than many people would believe,” said
Ms Collins. “Many people are not aware of what actually constitutes sexual
assault. It is a myth that it is not sexual assault if the assailant and the
victim are a couple or if the victim did not attempt to escape the situation.”

More information about the Sexual
Assault Awareness Month can be found on the foundation’s website, at