Gatorade soaked up park’s magic

The Black Pearl skate park in Grand
Harbour was host to a group from drinks company Gatorade two weeks ago. They
brought down a team of 20 people to enjoy the Island’s amenities and especially
the park.

Gatorade brought the group here as
part of the launch of their new formulas Prime, Perform and Recover.

They started the weekend with an artists’
collaboration launch party that on Friday night, right inside the skate park.

“People would never expect to dress
up to enjoy music, food and art inside the Black Pearl Skate Park,” said
organiser Justin Dell.

“We worked with Celebrations and
the Brick House to use the unique setting down inside the bowls of the park to
host an art, music and food cocktail party.”

Gatorade wanted to have this party
mainly to show their appreciation of the people currently involved with the
Black Pearl and to show that the park isn’t just for kids with skateboards as
it affects people from all parts of business and life on the island.

The following day the Gatorade team
rented out the Black Pearl exclusively so that young professionals Chaz Ortiz
and Sean Malto could skateboard with no restrictions from crowds.

They did however invite two locals
from the island Shawn Myers and Aldington Scott to skate with them and be a
part of their hydration testing.

The skaters were working up a sweat
in the hot Cayman sun while consuming and Gatorade monitored their hydration.

The group also brought along with
them representatives from the major action sports publication Thrasher
Skateboard Magazine to cover the whole weekend. 

This was a very successful vacation
to the Cayman Islands as the group maximized their down time on Seven Mile
Beach and still managed to get some great photos and footage for skate boarding.

The Black Pearl hopes the group
will return this summer and be a part of their summer camp programme Skate

Dell said: “Every event we do at
the park throughout the year is to promote our summer camp programme. It has
the most potential to grow the tourist traffic while building the local
interest in the park.”


Pros love Black Pearl.
Photo: Ron Shillingford