Barefoot and Sea ‘n B play Keys

Musician George Nowak, or Barefoot
Man as he is known by his fans, along with husband and wife duo Chuck and Barrie
of Sea ‘n B are set to take their trademark island music to Key West, Florida
on 23 May.

The gig is an offshoot of
Barefoot’s yearly musical pilgrimage to the Bahamas where he is just as well
known as in the Cayman Islands.

That show is called the Barefoot
Beach Concert and takes place twice every year.

The event the artist is preparing
for in America’s most southern city will take place at Mallory Square in Key

 “This show is different in that a lot of the
stuff we do is tailor made to fit and the crowd is there as part of an all
inclusive celebration, which includes us. However this time we are the pull and
there is some added pressure, as you don’t want to let anyone down,” he said.

When asked if he thought this was
another horizon in his career and whether the show was indicative of the
notoriety he may have achieved at this point in his career, the artist joked:
“I don’t know if I am looking for another horizon in my career. I work very
hard at not working.”

Though jokes aside, he said the mayor
of the town and his wife were the ones who invited him to play the event.

He said the two had connections in
the Bahamas and as a result of his annual gigs at the Nippers Bar there, the
couple asked if he and Sea n B would be willing to make the short hop to Key

“We are looking forward to going
and putting on a good show, which means I might actually have to rehearse,”
said Mr. Nowak. He added that one good thing about these types of trips was
that they were a great opportunity to let people know about the Cayman Islands,
as part of the job when travelling is to do radio appearances and such, where
the topic would always be the Cayman Islands.

“A poster can’t shake anyone’s
hand,” said Barefoot, who maintained that people were the greatest assets as it
related to marketing the Cayman Islands and they should be invested in with
that view.

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