Famouss Gus is a driven man

A ship without
a rudder is like a big hunk of metal floating to nowhere special, only just an
accident. An artiste without a manager is like a ship without a rudder.

Tulloch, who is more popularly known by the now famous nom de plume, Famouss
Gus, with a double “s” for emphasis, is the rudder that steers the ship of the
notorious Beez Hive Family, which consists of Jah Shawn, Flava Essence and
Queen Bee Simone Barton a.k.a Sim Sim 2Bad! He also manages DJ Black Wedda  and Co-Psyc, who are currently in Jamaica,
Singer Dee (last week’s feature), new sensation Audrey Destune, Julita Fagan
a.k.a. J. Harmony and a young Caymanian group called Money Train.

The Famouss
one believes in hard work and is purpose-driven. He is the husband of Brenda
Lee Tulloch and has sired four children. Yet even with his quiver full, he
finds time to seek out the well-being of others.

Famouss Gus’
musical journey began with a simple legacy, left to him by a deceased uncle: a
little stereo and some classic LPs. Like a siren, the magic of the music lured
him to start a band in school. Their musical instruments were the school’s
desks and guttural notes from their windpipes. Their bid to raise funds to
purchase real instruments ended in futility but that did not dampen Gus’
spirits. He soon began to trail along behind a popular sound system in his
area, gathering skills. Later on he got to spin on that sound system, then  moved on to a part-time gig spinning records
at a local club.

In 2002 the
scene shifted for Gus.  The soles of his
feet touched the shores of The Land of The Turtles. He looked around, got wind
of the fact that this is also The Land Of The Raw Undiscovered Musical Talents.
Without skipping a beat, he dragged a young Jamaican artiste to Vibe 98.9FM to
get some airplay. Unfortunately the production was mediocre so it did not hit
the airwaves. In 2007 he met the Beez Hive Family and hooked up with DC &
Mr. Fudd Music (Daniel and Peter Campbell). That was when the real production
saga began. They had raw edged talent that needed to be steered in the right
direction and Famouss Gus went to work.

From a stereo
player, kitchen band, to sound systems operator and producer, the
multi-dimensional maestro, with a team of serious players began a weekly show
called Famouss Fridaze. This was largely started to push DC & Mr. Fudd
Music and Famouss Money Records. As if that was not enough, he has recently
recorded a soca bomb called Skip To Ma Loo, which is presently getting some
heavy radio rotations on major stations. It will be premiered this week on
Zip103FM in Jamaica. There is so much more to the saga – there is so little

Gus admires
top reggae producers like Don Corleone, Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor and
Caymanian ace producers DC & Mr. Fudd.

He said
overnight success is a rarity. Music, he said, is the hardest job. Trust God
and be patient!

It’s Batabanoo
time! Skip to Ma Loo! Faamousss…! Boom Track!

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