Reptile book signing

The Cayman book launch of Fred
Burton’s latest tome, The Little Blue Book: A Short History of the Grand Cayman
was a packed out event last Thursday.

Held at Blu at Rackams, 115 books
were sold at the signing.

Members to the public had a chance
to talk to Mr. Burton and each other at the casual evening event.

The Director, Blue Iguana Recovery Programme gave his reasons for writing
the book.

The original idea came from my friend and colleague
John Binns at the International Reptile Conservation Foundation, who is
actually the publisher.

“ I had a couple of weeks quiet time over Christmas two years ago, and
just sat down and started writing – almost all the raw writing was done in just
over a week.

“I’d been asked by so many people so many times how the Blue Iguana Recovery
Programme got started in the first place, that I had almost written the book in
my head already. It’s taken a couple of years to turn that into an actual book,
so some more recent developments don’t appear in it.”

The book was also borne out of the need to document the recent history
of the fascinating reptile.

“I was feeling that the early days of the work to save the Blue Iguanas
(especially the1980’s and early 90’s) would just become forgotten if my records
stayed buried in old notebooks in a box in my study,” Mr. Burton said.

“Those were fascinating times that made for good story telling. It’s
rare to be able to talk about a successful conservation programme, and I hope
this one provides a little inspiration and encouragement to others who are in
this line of work.

“I also hope it reaches our visitors and readers overseas, since it
presents a positive aspect of our islands and may even encourage people to return
and come to see Grand Cayman’s magnificent Blues and their unique habitat.”

The authors other books are
Threatened Plants of the Cayman Islands, which was
published last year  and Wild Trees in
the Cayman Islands with illustrations by Penny Clifford.